Increase collections by as much as 10%-20%.

Multiple studies have been done showing that outsourcing is the more efficient way to do billing and brings in greater returns. Some of those studies can be seen below:

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Outsourcing Reduces Billing Errors

Experienced, professional medical billers can ensure that your claims are accurately submitted in a timely manner. The sole purpose of the medical billing company is to provide medical billing services. It is their responsibility to ensure that the billers they hire undergo thorough training and are equipped with the knowledge to properly submit medical claims. Not only will this reduce the number of denied and rejected claims due to billing errors, but will also provide feedback to assist in maximizing reimbursements on future claims.

Save Money on Salaries

By outsourcing your medical billing, you could save thousands of dollars in annual salaries and benefits; office supplies and furniture; and purchasing, upgradingĀ and maintaining billing software and computer equipment. Medical billing companies charge a flat rate per claim or a percentage of the reimbursement on each claim. Either way, it is less costly than what you would pay for a medical billing staff to provide the same exceptional services that are provided by outsourcing companies.

Bigger Profit and Practice Growth

With the reduction in overhead costs, the timely submission of medical claims and the increased reimbursements, a higher profit is another advantage outsourcing can provide to the medical office. This allows the medical office the ability to provide the best quality services using the best technology and products and the best staff. Patients are becoming more knowledgeable about health care and are making choices based on what provider can offer them the best services. For this reason competition in health care has grown quickly over time and to stay in business health care professionals must maintain a competitive advantage.

Reduce or eliminate your need to invest in costly computer hardware and billing software.

With the outsourcing of medical billing, there will be no need to pay those hefty software costs and computer upgrades.

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