What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology is a virtual answering service that allows a caller to interact with a computer through keypad inputs on a telephone.  IVR was designed for the purpose of handling a large volume of calls and is ideal for a big corporation looking to cut down on costs but still receive their customers; calls.  IVR is commonly referred to as an automated attendant and while some callers do enjoy this function, others will wish to speak to a live answering service agent – this can be accomplished with the simple touch of a button.  



  • Receive “live” messages broadcasted directly from the IVR system
  • Have messages routed to different voice mail boxes based upon fully customizable criteria
  • Completely automate outbound computer-generated calls, saving time and money
  • Automate opt-out features using Caller I.D. recognition
  • Access advanced inbound and outbound call reporting
  • Transfer calls remotely using touch tone access
  • Customize a variety of on-hold, transfer options, and menus
  • Reduce employee costs by automating routine inbound and outbound calling tasks
  • Automate outbound calling processes for post-sales support, cross-selling, up-selling, marketing surveys, and much more using an integrated predictive dialer system

The functions of IVR response systems vary for your specific needs.  Some tasks that out systems can perform are:

  • Route calls using an interactive directory
  • Provide company information including location/directions and hours
  • Interactive FAQ
  • Call forwarding to a cellular number, so calls can be received on the go

Also the IVR sorts OUT SOLICITORS! Have all calls sorted properly to increase office efficiency.


  • Recording that can dispatch calls in case of an emergency
  • Recording that can have the patient record a message and have it sent to the provider
  • Providers can opt out of calls if they don’t want to take them


  • Remotely change recordings for bad weather and holidays


  • Dedicated number to record all dictations and have them sent through email


  • Plenty of industries rely on answering service:
    • Doctors work office hours but still need to be available for emergencies at other times
    • Sales reps don’t want to miss sales leads but also don’t want to be interrupted during a client meeting.
    • Large corporations need call centers to take product orders, explain how to use products or provide more information about them.

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