We electronically bill all payers and handle third-party billing (including Worker's Compensation and liens).  All claims are sent electronically, therefore effectively cutting down the time it takes for the claim to get processed, approved, and finally paid; therefore you will be paid more quickly.


This includes our Billing service as well the most current CPT, ICD-10, and HCPCS coding expertise to minimize denials and unnecessary delays in reimbursement.  We can code for you, or if you prefer, we can simply bill the coding you select as per your superbill. 

Billing/ Coding/ Authorization

This is a combination of the previous two services aswell as Pre-Authorizations.

Outsourcing your Billing can increase your earnings

Based on a Study done Physicians News Digest " A practice can expect a 5% to 15% increase in the amount they’re able to collect by switching to a billing service."

See the full Study here.

A Dedicated Account Executive

Your account will be handled by an Account Executive, who will handle all aspects of your billing needsentering charges, submitting claims, sending patient statements, following up on accounts receivable and answering patient billing questions.   We will process all of your billing within 48 hours of receipt.  

Monthly Status Reports

We provide comprehensive monthly closing reports that include a summary of charges, receipts, adjustments, accounts receivable analysis, and multiple productivity reports.   We also provide our clients with access to their accounts through connection to our server, allowing you, as the provider, the opportunity to still oversee the medical billing aspect of your practice.    

Custom Superbill Design

We'll design and maintain an easy-to-use superbill that is unique to your needs, so you can get the required billing information to us efficiently and accurately.  At the provider’s request changes to their individualized superbill can be made quickly and efficiently by their account executive at any time.

Claims Follow-Up

We review all unpaid claims within 30-45 days of the initial billing date.  We appeal denials (bundling, medical necessity, etc.) quickly and effectively.  We will resubmit claims for review when initial payment is inconsistent with typical doctor profile.


Payments received are posted accordingly to patient accounts.  We post adjustments according to provider's managed-care contract profiles, monitoring the profiles for reimbursement accuracy.  


We will send monthly statements to patients and follow up on non-payment by phone and mail

Regulatory Requirements and Fee Schedule Review

We advise physicians on any changes in HCFA requirements, CPT, and ICD-9 coding to achieve claim compliance for the fullest reimbursement for services. We assist in fee-schedule review and updates to maximize the practice's profitability.

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